Monthly Archives: November 2018

Thankful at Avalanche Ranch


Thanksgiving Day, I looked out the window from under the covers and watched a Bald Eagle soar down valley over the Crystal River. I would like to interpret it’s appearance as I started my day as some sort of omen or good luck, but that would assume that it’s flight had something to do with me. It’s flight did inspire a positive train of thought appropriate for the holiday. From my bedroom window everyday I look out on the Crystal Valley with the Elk Ridge, Mount Sopris and Elephant Mountain in unison creating the most spectacular vista. This fall has been incredibly busy, to the point of reactionary and frantic, and I am so lucky to have this place, the source of the frantic business, be also the source of calm and sense of place. Avalanche Ranch is situated in a location that easily rivals some of our National Parks in its beauty and wildness. That is likely why it is so busy! and why we (those that vacation here and those that live here) situate ourselves cozily and contentedly without it every getting tiresome.As this is an inspired time to think about all we are thankful for I’d like to list some (just scratching the surface) of the things I am thankful for at Avalanche Ranch.

I am thankful for our staff. They are fun, thoughtful, hardworking people that contribute daily to the operations and success of Avalanche Ranch. No one day is really alike, because this business is made up of many parts and can somehow always configure unique situations and circumstances. The staff at Avalanche Ranch are flexible, understanding and invaluable to us! They are forgiving of my management shortcomings (I think!) and I am grateful! We could not function without their dedication!

I am thankful for family. I have the great fortune of working alongside my parents, my husband and my children. My parents are the heart and soul of Avalanche Ranch and you can feel their influence while here. It feels like a mom & pop business where the patriarchs are kind, genuine, generous, youthful people. My husband is the bedrock of our small ranching operation here (among a million other things). He is the one I lean on to keep the chickens laying, the sheep healthy, the horses shod, and all the hay bought and stacked. He is the one who brought livestock into my life, enriching it with soft neighs, an entourage of scurrying chickens and the donkey’s needy braying. A few days ago I somehow lucked out when my son offered to clean cabins with me (for reasonable pay of course). I am motivated to raise a son who can cook, clean, dance and have good manners. So his concession to clean with me was a big step toward my success at mothering. He was excellent company, made a day’s work pleasurable, and surprised me with his thoroughness. My work here is really a lifestyle and with my family all around me I feel fulfilled.

I am thankful for our guests. We are lucky to find so many hot water loving, mountain loving, and cabin loving people whom are willing to make the trek to Avalanche Ranch. Who would we be without our guests?! I am so lucky to have to travel such a short distance from my home (1 step into the office) to interact with people from all around the United States and beyond. My small world view is expanded without having to leave this incredible place. I appreciate the conversation, the friendliness, the patronage and the loyalty of our wonderful guests!