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My two children — ages 9 and 11 — are accustomed to adrenaline-charged adventures when we gallivant around the state: riding the Giant Swing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, snow tubing at Keystone’s Adventure Point, freefalling on the Skycoaster at Royal Gorge.

So when I suggested a more mellow activity for a Sunday afternoon — soaking in the hot springs pools at Redstone’s Avalanche Ranch — their responses were:

“Is there a water slide?”

“What else are we going to do?”

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Thought & Sight


The view from pretty much anywhere on the grounds was gorgeous, and while it was rainy for a good portion of our stay, I was lucky enough to wake up to fluffy snowflakes on our last morning. I snapped some photos, then promptly jumped in the springs for one last soak.

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Getting Grounded

By Geneviève Joëlle Villamizar
Avalanche Ranch creates a slice of paradise

The Crystal River Valley has arrived. At our very first visit to the Avalanche Ranch hot springs, I was jubilant over the latest reason why our valley rocks. The hot springs aren’t just superbly, graciously executed; what the Ogilby/Jacober families have created is a true mountain getaway and a slice of paradise…

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