Pet Policy

The owners and staff at Avalanche Ranch understand that your pet(s) are family and we want to make it possible for them to join you on vacation. We also want to make sure that everyone on the property feels comfortable and safe with the addition of our furry friends. The following guidelines and rules will help you determine if your pet is a good fit at Avalanche Ranch:

Pets & Animals we allow
Dogs, cats, birds, horses, goats

Pets we do not allow
Aggressive Animals. Avalanche Ranch has a zero-tolerance for animals with a history of
aggression or biting. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate a stay based on a pet we deem potentially dangerous to people or other animals.
Aggressive behavior may include:

  • Snapping at people
  • Nipping or biting
  • Stiffening or growling when approached or handled
  • Dilated pupils or raised hackles around strangers
  • Attacking other animals or people

If you know that your dog does not do well with unfamiliar people or dogs, please do not bring your dog to Avalanche Ranch!

Dogs must be leashed or under strict voice command

Pets may not be left unattended in the unit for extended periods of time

Excessive barking in or outside of the unit will not be tolerated

Incidentals (damages) due to a pet will be at the owner’s expense

If a pet fee has not been paid and there is evidence of a pet at check-out a pet fee will be added to the guest’s bill

Service Pet vs. Emotional Support Pet
Service pet owners must have documentation for their dog in order to wave the pet fee.
Emotional support pets are eligible for the pet fee.

Avalanche Ranch Pet Fee
$50/pet per stay
2 pet maximum per unit