Our Amazing Staff At Avalanche Ranch

Chicken working the front desk at Avalanche Ranch in Colorado

It seems appropriate this month to honor our staff and to give thanks for their hard work and loyalty. Without our staff, we would be lost! And with them, we are in luck! For they are the bedrock of the operation and they make every day a success.

We currently have 13 people (in addition to our family members) on staff here: 2 people in maintenance, 4 at the front desk, 1 on-call and 6 housekeepers.

Dave and John are our Maintenance Men. They both joined our team in the spring of 2016. With Dave’s energy, experience and ideas we have been able to accomplish a plethora of projects. We have remodeled many kitchens and bathrooms this year and resolved a bunch of plumbing issues. As most of our cabins were built long ago we find there is always something in need of modernizing. Dave has also revolutionized the operations of the hot springs mechanical room, hopefully reducing the amount of head scratching around here!

John came to us with lots of experience in the lodging industry. He is a great resource when it comes to everything hotel! He has seen it and he has resolved it. When he pulls up in his old Chevy with his fuzzy dice hanging off the mirror, we know things are going to get done. He has had to carry a full load with his families needs but has been steadfast and hardworking when able. He is the most deserving of the good family news he just received and he is the most animated and happy we have seen him in a long time! YEAH!

Avalanche Ranch front desk staff

In the office running the front desk and the retail shop, we have Robin, Ally, Grace and Gabby. Robin came on staff in October of 2014 and we wonder how we operated before her!?! She wears her heart on her sleeve, is kind to everyone and is always in motion. Guests love her! And rightfully! She takes care of everyone in a genuine and thoughtful manner. As a guest departed recently, I overheard her comment to Robin, “What would they do without you?”. Honestly, we can’t imagine.

Ally joined us in April. She is full of energy and a people person as well. Her flair for the retail store is wonderful! She is always attentive to the enormous variety of items we offer and really enjoys sharing her knowledge with the guests. She has taken on a full load balancing schoolwork and Avalanche Ranch and is impressively on top of it all!

Grace and Gabby are our newest additions to our Avalanche Ranch “family”. We are excited and grateful to have them!

We are so lucky to have the 6 hard-working and reliable women that make up the housekeeping staff: Felicisima, Laura, Lili, Nersi, Leticia and Lizbeth. The laundry room is right below my living room and kitchen and I am often privy to their laughing and chatter when I am at home. They are lively and funny. And they are all related. I am still navigating the threads of their relation, but I think this is it: Felicisima is Laura and Lili’s mom. Felicisima’s brother is married to Lizbeth. Laura’s husband is Leticia’s husband’s brother. And Nersi! Shoot I forgot how she is related. I have to ask her again, but she and I are both quiet… so.

Avalanche Ranch housekeeping staff

Felicisima and Laura joined us here in the spring of 2012. I think I can remember 1 or 2 days that Felicisima has requested off. Otherwise, she has been here 5 days a week for 5 years. She is meticulous. Yet easy going.

Laura has the difficult job of translating between myself and the housekeepers. My Spanish is limited and so she is often the go-between and she is very diplomatic.

Lili came on to help out part-time and I immediately needed her full-time. Despite working two jobs and being a mother of a young child she has never complained or turned down the work.

Leticia is the jokester. She is quick to laugh and tease. The other ladies call her “Gorda”. Most women wouldn’t go for that. She is opinionated and questioning. Which helps keep me on my toes and not stagnating.

Nersi is quiet and I realize I don’t know much about her. But I am impressed by her work ethic and her reliability. She has been here just shy of a year. Recently we joked about an incident in one of the cabins and it was the first time that we broke through the language barrier to humor.

Lizbeth is our newest addition. She had the hard role of joining a group and being the newest arrival. Often in a group of women, it can be lethal. But she is steadfast, works hard and is a quiet authority. She is learning English on the side and cracks a big shy smile when you ask her how it’s going.

Avalanche Ranch staff cleaning the hot springs

William and his wife, Kenna, just moved on site to be on call at night. William is an aspiring musician who also wears a tool belt. He is super friendly and willing. His nightly rounds on the grounds and through the pool area have taken a significant weight from my dad’s load. (Not that my dad won’t find something else to carry!)

I am not great at telling the staff how great they are. I don’t take them for granted, quite the opposite, but I forget to express and applaud all the amazing contributions they do. They have told me a few times that I’m not great at communicating either… So let it be known, I am thankful! And I hope they stay with us as long as possible!